Have stubborn fat that just won't budge? Coolsculpting© to the rescue! With this non-surgical, scientifically proven fat-freezing technology, you can reduce your troublesome areas.

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You will see an average of up to 20-25% reduction in less than one session and have results as early as 1 month after treatment. However, you can expect your final result 4 months after completion since it may take time for some more stubborn parts of the body like under the chin or arms.

Coolsculpting© delivers controlled cooling to precisely target fat cells beneath the skin without affecting the skin itself. The fat cells crystallize (freeze) and then die. This process occurs naturally over time as your body processes the fat and eliminates the dead cells.

Who would be a Good Candidate for Coolsculpting©?

CoolSculpting Mini

The CoolSculpting Mini is a device that freezes fat cells through the process of Cryolipolysis and can be an effective solution for contouring your body. The only thing you should worry about during this procedure is getting rid of those pesky chin pudges!

The CoolScultping Mini was designed to target under-the-chin excess skin in women who have lost weight or had naturally sagging skin, allowing weight loss due to pregnancies, age, etc. Unlike other treatments like liposuction, which require general anesthesia, it runs on electricity, so no surgery is needed!

CoolSculpting Advantage

CoolSculptingTM Advantage eliminates stubborn fat safely and effectively without surgery or downtime.

This innovative treatment is the only FDA-cleared procedure to use controlled cooling technology for targeted elimination of diet- and exercise-resistant fat cells that won’t go away with traditional methods like calorie reduction or cardio workouts. Not even weight loss can eliminate this type of pesky cellulite because it originates below skin level in the underlying layers. The Advantage? You’ll look great from every angle!


The Coolsculpting© uses cooling technology to remove the fat cells in your body. The process is performed by freezing certain parts of your body with special tools and can be completed within a few weeks.

Coolsculpting or cryolipolysis is a fantastic new way to eliminate fat cells quickly in a non-invasive manner. The procedure involves using cold temperature, which kills the fatty tissue hiding under your skin (subcutaneous fat). What this means is that with this technique, you’re getting permanent results without resorting to surgery!

If you want to eliminate unwanted excess fat in a smaller area, you might lose only a half-inch or so. However, If you are trying to eliminate excess fat from a larger area of your body, such as your stomach or chest, you may quickly lose 2 to 3 inches of fat.

Sessions last between 30 and 60 minutes based on the treatment area. During this period, you will be treated with applicators, followed by a cold sensation on the skin that leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Using CoolSculpting technology, you can get rid of that pesky layer of fat, so you can see what’s underneath. Using the latest cryogenic technologies, it gently targets your problem areas with precisely controlled cooling while leaving everything else unaffected. Unlike liposuction or other invasive procedures where unwanted skin cells are removed along with targeted fat cells (which leaves scars), clinicians carefully sculpt those stubborn regions by freezing them until they die off naturally over time!

We want to ensure you get the best results from our treatments, so we offer a personalized approach for every patient. We recommend that patients wait at least 60 days before retreating to any area of concern and can work with one of our qualified skin care professionals to design an individualized treatment plan just for you!

As your body slowly metabolizes the damaged fat cells, you’ll see that it’s becoming smoother and firmer. , it takes 3 to 4 months for the full results of CoolSculpting to become apparent–since this treatment destroys fat cells, these long-lasting effects will last even longer!

Yes! Since the process is non-invasive, you’ll be able to return to your normal activities immediately afterward. Some patients may experience minor bruising, some redness, or tingling in the area being treated. There is nothing to worry about as it will go away entirely on its own and should not affect most people’s daily routine or require any special accommodations from them at home.

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