Radiesse is an injectable filler that provides an immediate lift, filling wrinkles and folds to restore a more youthful appearance.
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Radiesse Treatment at Brea, CA stimulates the natural production of collagen for healthier-looking skin with wrinkle-free properties lasting up to a year or more in many patients. This effectively treats deep creases and moderate/severe lines on your face, delivering you back into reality one injection at a time!

It fills wrinkles immediately by restoring lost volume, which can last anywhere from 1 month – 12 months depending on how much the person needs and other factors like age, lifestyle habits & genetics.

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With Radiesse, you can achieve an immediate, youthful-looking lift to your skin. It stimulates collagen production for more of those lovely wrinkles and folds we all love so much!

It can be used in the face or anywhere else you might experience volume loss- it’s like adding years back onto yourself with one little injection!

Radiesse collagen treatment helps your body create its own natural filler. The calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres in the solution stimulate more collagen production, giving you that youthful glow from within.

This Treatment stimulates your body to produce its fillers naturally- and can give you a rejuvenated look with just one injection.

Radiesse provides a quick and easy way to smooth out the wrinkles on your face for up to two years, making it one of the most sought-after dermal fillers in today’s market.

The results typically last for 15 months. We do recommend that you return for a touch-up after seven months if you opt for this treatment.

Radiessie takes effect quickly with noticeable results within 1-3 days, but it can take anywhere from 7 up to 10 days for complete results.

You’ll be happy to know that 24 hours after treatment, you can resume your normal activities. Avoiding the area of skin treated for a few days is important because it may cause bruising or swelling in this period. After-care instructions include avoiding significant movement and heat exposure to avoid redness or inflammation from excessive sun exposure and not applying makeup until healing has occurred, so we recommend waiting on any makeovers!

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