Dornier Laser Treatments For Spider Veins

The Dornier FlexiPulse is the best option for those seeking a more natural alternative to endovenous laser therapy.

Laser Treatments For Spider Veins

This procedure, which takes place through intact skin and causes no discomfort or pain whatsoever, has many benefits over other treatments- unlike needles inserted into diseased veins, this method only requires an outpatient visit because of its noninvasive nature.

Sclerotherapy is usually more suitable for larger spider veins, while transcutaneous laser treatment is best used on smaller ones. It’s fast and painless–results are seen immediately after the procedure. In the case of smaller spider veins, they can be treated in combination with other forms of venous therapy to improve chances of success further! As always, it’s essential to confirm that any underlying condition responsible for vein development (such as stasis) has been eliminated or resolved before beginning this treatment plan.

Common Symptoms 


In vein care, the Dornier Laser can be used for the removal of spider veins. It is state-of-the-art technology for cosmetic vein removal.

The procedure typically begins with a topical numbing agent before injections of numbing medicines are administered throughout the length of your vein undergoing treatment. These injections can cause mild pain or discomfort, similar to when you get bitten by a mosquito!

After a laser therapy treatment, the blood vessels underneath your skin will gradually turn from a darker blue to reddish color, then disappear in two to six weeks.

The laser light destroys the vein without damaging your skin. Small spider veins will disappear right after treatment, but larger or varicose ones may not go away for 1-3 months before they completely clear up with more treatments.

No special preparations will be required for spider vein sclerotherapy. Do not use lotion before treatment and eat a light meal or snack 1.5 hours before your appointment, as well as bringing loose-fitting shorts or leotard to wear during the procedure with clothes that cover your legs after it’s done too!

The procedure is typically followed by a slight bump on the skin that will disappear in 2-4 hours. Occasionally, it may be bruised or slightly redder and appear like cat scratches that often disappear within two days.

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