Medical Grade Chemical Peels

The use of chemical peels can help reverse sun damage or address other skin imperfections such as fine lines, hyperpigmentation and unwanted freckles.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels can be used safely and effectively by medical professionals in order to help you achieve the beautiful glowing skin that everyone wants!

A chemical peel is a treatment used to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin on your face or body. It works by dissolving layers of old, dead cells from your upper layer so that new ones can grow in their place! As it does this, you’ll experience some peeling for up to two weeks afterward but don’t worry–your skin will be super soft after the treatment, with minimal scarring because all those nasty scars were removed as well!

Chemical peels may be most beneficial for:

The types of peels we offer:  

Fusion Chemical Peel

The fusion chemical peel is suitable for all skin types. It is a multi-acid, multi-enzyme solution that addresses every major skin concern. It has a combination of Trichloroacetic Acid, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Beta Hydroxy Acids, Resorcinol, and natural fruit enzymes that are combined to cause minimal irritation, and almost no downtown. There will be minimal peeling for 2-3 days and the treatment takes about 20 min to apply. It is a medium-strength peel and benefits include:


A medical-grade chemical peel is a resurfacing procedure that removes the top layer of damaged, aged or dead cells to reveal new, healthy ones in medical terms. Chemical peels may be used for treating scars on the face as well as wrinkles and acne scarring.

If you’re facing aged or damaged skin, don’t worry! With a chemical peel, your self-confidence can be restored. Chemical peels are effective and non-invasive treatments that will leave your skin gorgeous with smooth texture. Keep reading to find out if this all sounds like the perfect treatment for you!

You may experience some redness after undergoing a chemical peel, but it typically subsides within seven to 14 days. For more aggressive peels that affect deeper layers of the skin, you’ll likely be sore and swollen for months following your treatment.

Chemical peeling agents work to resurface the skin by inducing a controlled wound and thus removing superficial layers of the skin. As a result, chemical peels promote healthy top skin layer growth and improve common problems like hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven texture/skin impurities.

First, your skin is prepped for the treatment, and the right chemical peel agent is applied. Most people feel a mild stinging, but this subsides after just a few minutes. The treatment can last for 3 – 5 minutes or 2-4 hours, depending on your needs!

Chemical peels can last from one month to your entire life. The longevity of a chemical peel’s results depend on several factors, but the most significant factor is strength: light or superficial yields only between 1-2 months and deep produce better lasting effects with typically 6-12 weeks (or more).

 To determine whether you’re a good candidate for a chemical peel and want a radiant complexion, contact OC Cosmetic and Vein Center today!

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