10 Frequently Asked Questions on Sclerotherapy

Faq on Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is the best treatment for addressing spider veins, and many people have vouched for its effectiveness and faster results than any other treatment. Sclerotherapy is very effective without the patient undergoing a series of gruelling cosmetic surgeries and requiring them to rest for more extended periods. It is also minimally invasive, and the results are known to be almost immediate and last for a long time. However, since sclerotherapy is a relatively new cosmetic treatment, many people have expressed their hesitation in receiving it. Some might be worried because of the price, while others worry about the possible risks and side effects it might bring to them. This article will show you answers to ten frequently asked questions on sclerotherapy, informing these people if sclerotherapy is the best option for their spider veins.

What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a cosmetic procedure that addresses spider veins and varicose veins. This minimally invasive treatment only requires injecting a sclerosant, an irritating agent, into the vein. This irritates the vein, and the chemical causes enough damage to the endothelium or the inner lining of the varicose vein. When it gets irritated and damaged, it forms a clot blocking the circulation in the vein beyond, therefore basically rendering the vein dead or obsolete.

The vein turns into scar tissue, which gradually fades from view because of the absence of circulation due to the sclerosant injected into the area. This means that the vein will not rot inside your body, and it is perfectly safe.

What Is In The Injection?

The most commonly used agents in sclerosants for sclerotherapy include sodium tetradecyl sulfate, hypertonic saline, polidocanol, and chromated glycerin. These might sound dangerous and scary, but you do not have to worry as these ingredients are approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat varicose veins and spider veins on different parts of the body. When it is injected into the body part, the sclerosant is continuously injected as foam with the help of the appropriate needle for the job.

Is the Procedure Painful?

Obviously, the procedure can be painful as needles will be pricked on different parts of your body. The process can be a bit painful to you, depending on your levels of pain tolerance. If you do not worry about needles pricking your legs and hips for several sessions, this is not painful. Otherwise, you may request some local anaesthesia to ease the pain to some degree.

The pain and discomfort will only last for a few minutes, and the bigger the vein to tackle, the more pain and more prolonged the time it will last. Also, some chemicals can cause more discomfort and pain rather than others. The pain levels depend on the patient’s tolerance towards the needles and the injection. Still, since it is classified as a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment, it is not that painful most of the time.

How Long Should I Wait Before It Heals?

One of the best things about doing sclerotherapy is that it can be taken during the day, some procedures lasting about an hour at most, depending on the gravity of the concern. Most people often get it over a lunch break, with some people getting it within 15 minutes.

After that, they can walk home or to their offices without anything significantly noticeable after the procedure. The duration of the process depends on the number of veins being treated, so the lesser, the better.

However, one thing you should remember is that after sclerotherapy, you should avoid working out or doing any form of exercise for several days. This is because your injected areas might swell or bruise if excessive amounts of pressure are put onto the injected areas, especially if you do squats or weightlifting.

What Should I Do After Sclerotherapy?

After the treatment, you can quickly go back to your everyday activities without any hassle. The only exception is that you cannot lift heavy objects or do intensive workouts after the treatment to prevent any possible risks and side effects. The doctors recommend to patients after the procedure to take a walk around to improve the circulation since they inject on the veins, after all.

Also, they will be strongly advised to wear compression stockings or a compression garment for up to three weeks to ensure that the veins are getting addressed after the treatment. Wearing compression garments can be uncomfortable and unsightly to some people. Hence, most of them undergo sclerotherapy to conceal these under their pants and long coats during the colder months.

How Many Treatments Should I Have?

The number of sclerotherapy treatments depends on how severe the spider veins and varicose veins are. Hence, it is up to the doctor to decide and not on the patient most of the time. However, they will still try to develop a better treatment plan that will accommodate both the patient’s requests and the doctor’s recommendations.

For mild cases, it is recommended to have at least one or two sessions, with the second session to be done three to four weeks after the first session. Most doctors actually recommend a series of two to four treatments for better results. Always trust the doctors because they know what they are doing.

Will I Die If I Don’t Treat Spider Veins?

Fortunately, you will not die because of untreated varicose veins. However, most people do sclerotherapy for cosmetic reasons because it does not look sexy or flattering to have varicose veins seen while wearing shorts or skirts outside.

Not that we are shaming those who do, but having a pleasing appearance will also boost your confidence and self-esteem. It will also show that you care about yourself since you want to look good in front of the mirror.

What Are The Possible Risks and Side Effects?

There are possible risks and side effects to sclerotherapy, but it is normal because every cosmetic procedure does. Do not worry that you will have serious side effects from getting a sclerotherapy session because there are no documented cases of patients who experienced those after getting it.

Some of the known side effects include swelling around the injected area, minimal bruising, redness, and itching where the injections are administered. These are common side effects, and they usually fade away within two to four weeks after the treatment.

Who Are Perfect Candidates For Sclerotherapy?

It is important to note that sclerotherapy, even though it is minimally invasive, is not designed for people of all ages, sizes, and shapes. Those who would see the benefits from sclerotherapy the most have spider veins or varicose veins between the ages of 30 to 60. These people should not have had any blood clotting issues in the past.

Pregnant women and lactating mothers are not allowed to get sclerotherapy. However, since varicose veins mostly happen to pregnant women, they are advised to undergo treatment after weaning their babies from breastfeeding. That way, doctors can be sure that both the woman and the baby will not be affected.

Is Sclerotherapy Covered by Insurance?

Sadly, no. Sclerotherapy is classified as a cosmetic treatment, so these are not covered by your insurance provider. However, it is most affordable to many clinics. You can ask OC Cosmetics and Vein for more information about pricing and payment methods.

Our Takeaway

Sclerotherapy is a godsend solution for those who think that they cannot escape the hell brought by varicose veins and spider veins. Not only is it visually unappealing, but it can also be excruciating at times, so it should be treated. Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive treatment that promises good results in a matter of a few months. There are no severe side effects, and it can also be given to anyone who wants to have these removed to their legs and hips.

OC Cosmetics and Vein specializes in sclerotherapy, with its top-quality ingredients in their sclerosants to ensure effectiveness in these treatments for their clients. They also offer other cosmetic treatments and services to people who want to treat several body parts to improve their appearance and boost their self-confidence. With their team of highly skilled and legitimate doctors and medical professionals, you are sure to be in good hands.

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