Sclerotherapy: The Most Efficient Way to Eliminate Varicose Veins


Sclerotherapy is popularly known as one of the most efficient ways to cure and eliminate varicose veins on women’s and thighs. Many women have been stressed by the presence of these ugly, dark-colored veins popping out of their legs and thighs. Varicose veins add another cause of stress to people having it.

Varicose veins happen due to several factors, such as pregnancy, constipation, excessive weight gain, or even a tumor. Aside from its unappealing visuals, there is also pain accompanying varicose veins. That is why many women want to get rid of their varicose veins as soon as possible.

Sclerotherapy offers a solution to this problem, and more women are getting interested. However, several other women think that sclerotherapy might not be the best solution to eliminate their varicose veins safely. Some have even questioned the risks and side effects this treatment might have to them after the procedure.

We understand the concerns surrounding sclerotherapy, and this article aims to answer all of the questions about this treatment. We will also provide more information and things to remember before scheduling an appointment with the aesthetic skin clinic.


It is a known medical procedure that is used to eliminate varicose veins and spider veins. It involves injecting a solution directly into the varicose vein. It is the treatment of choice for small varicose veins.

Sclerotherapy is non-surgical as it only requires an injection to administer the process. It uses an irritating solution, known as a sclerosant, which irritates the vessel and causes it to swell after the injection. The blood flow is cut off because of the swelling, and the ship shrinks. Thus, this treatment eliminates the varicose veins after a few successive treatments.

This procedure has been known in medical circles since the 19th century, and the technological advancements of today have significantly improved the procedure, therefore removing the varicose veins effectively and efficiently.

What does sclerotherapy help treat?

Aside from eliminating varicose veins and spider veins on the hips and legs, sclerotherapy is also used to help treat some other medical conditions such as malformed lymph vessels, hemorrhoids, and hydroceles. Cosmetic purposes are the top reason people undergo sclerotherapy and other symptoms such as swelling, burning, aching, and night cramps.

How does sclerotherapy work?

For sclerotherapy, a sclerosant meant to irritate the varicose vein is composed of a salt solution. A very fine needle is used to inject the solution to the client’s vein directly into it. 

After the injection, the client might feel discomfort and cramping for a minute or two. This situation happens especially when the doctor has injected the sclerosant into more prominent veins. The entire procedure takes up to 30 minutes, depending on the client’s condition.

In a single session, the number of veins to be injected depends on how prominent the veins are, the veins’ location, and the general medical condition of the client. It is usually performed in the doctor’s office by a registered and licensed dermatologist or a surgeon. The doctor would strongly advise the patient to stay away from any exercises or strenuous activities for a few days after completing the treatment.

What should we do before undergoing sclerotherapy?

Some things that people who are undergoing sclerotherapy must do to ensure a safe and successful procedure and avoid complications before the treatment.

A patient must avoid certain medications, so the patient must discuss the possibility of undergoing sclerotherapy with their healthcare provider. They should also discuss undergoing the procedure if the patient is taking antibiotics before the treatment. Those undergoing sclerotherapy must do this step because the patient’s medications before the procedure might affect the overall procedure itself.

Some doctors even recommend not taking aspirin and ibuprofen for 48-72 hours before sclerotherapy. This precaution also applies to other anti-inflammatory drugs. Also, the patient should not use any lotion to the legs before undergoing sclerotherapy.

Are there any risks and side effects to sclerotherapy?

People who undergo sclerotherapy might experience specific side effects, such as itching that lasts for a day or two after the procedure. Some other people might also experience having red and raised areas on the places where the injection took place. 

Bruising may also happen where the injections took place, sometimes lasting for several days or weeks. However, these mild side effects tend to disappear on their own within a few days.

Some clients have also encountered neovascularization or the appearance of new and tiny blood vessels on where the injections took place. These disappear within three to twelve months without needing further treatment.

However, some clients have experienced a sudden swelling of a leg, forming small ulcers where the doctor administered the sclerotherapy shots or inflammation within five inches of the groin. If the patient has experienced any of these symptoms, they must consult a doctor as soon as possible.

What are the known results of sclerotherapy?

After undergoing sclerotherapy, the varicose veins disappear or diminish their presence on the patient’s legs and hips. Less than 10% of those who underwent sclerotherapy do not experience any effects after the treatment, but this is a smaller number than the 50 to 80% of the people who experienced the effectiveness of the treatment after receiving it.

Our Takeaway

Sclerotherapy is indeed the most efficient way to eliminate varicose veins. This treatment is a non-surgical and non-invasive cosmetic procedure known to address varicose veins and smaller spider veins popping out of the patient’s hips, legs, and thighs due to several factors.

Most people experience the disappearance of the varicose veins within a series of treatments, and more people have experienced comfort upon receiving the treatment. There are mild side effects, but these disappear within days, therefore proving the efficacy and safety of the procedure to those who want to do this to remove their varicose veins.

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