Cool Sculpting

What Is Cool Sculpting?

Cool Sculpting targets fat cells alone, eliminating them in a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure called cryolipolysis. This procedure, developed by Harvard scientists uses a targeted cooling process to kill the fat cells under the skin.

What Does Cool Sculpting Feel Like?

You will lie down during your 1-hour procedure. Our staff will make you comfortable with pillows, magazines, blankets, DVD movies to watch, and a Wi-Fi connection. many of our patients request that the lights are dimmed and they fall asleep during their procedure. We have a pager and with the push of a button, you can summon us.

When the applicator is applied, you will experience the vacuum pressure as your tissue is drawn into the applicator causing a sensation f intense pulling, tugging or pinching. The initial few minutes can be uncomfortable, but this only lasts for a short time.

This sensation is followed by an initial sensation of intense cold and then the area goes numb, typically in about 5 minutes. At that point, you can relax and just let the rest of your hour pass comfortably.

When the applicator is removed, your skin will be very pink and cold to the touch. After a brief massage by our staff, you are free to get up and resume normal activities.

What to Expect After My Cool Sculpting Treatment?

Most patients do not experience any symptoms after a Cool Sculpting procedure. Some patients report these mild symptoms that subside over time with no lasting complications. These vary with each individual:

  • Temporary firmness or stiffness
  • Redness, bruising, numbness or swelling
  • temporary blanching (whiteness of the skin in the treatment area)
  • tenderness, aching, cramping or the sensation similar to your foot falling asleep (pins and needles)

These symptoms do not occur for most of our patients and when they do occur, they resolve naturally over time. In the unlikely event or moderate to severe discomfort, call our office at 714-572-0040

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