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Stretch marks and enlarged pores are more common than you think, affecting anyone regardless of age. These marks are permanent, and the home remedies will take a long while before they take effect. If you desire a lasting solution for your stretch marks and enlarged pores, consider Rejuvapen Microneedling. Today, achieving natural beauty and a younger appearance is easier now more than ever. You can have all of these surgeries without as much undergoing an incision. Even removing unwanted stretch marks and enlarged pores is possible without incisions. However, no cosmetic treatment can prevent future wrinkles and enlarges pores from developing. That’s why, after your treatment, you need to take care better with your skin to ensure that they don’t appear again. Treatments only address the currently existing skin conditions and not future ones. So before we discuss your treatment, we will first discuss the causes of stretch marks and enlarged pores so that you can prevent them from developing later on. 

What Are The Causes Of Stretch Marks?

Stretchmarks are skin creases that typically happen in your stomach, breasts, buttocks, thighs, and hips. These creases appear like bands of parallel lines or stripped rippled marks. Anyone who has stretch marks wishes that they don’t have it. Fortunately, they are not permanent for the most part, and they will go away after a long, long while. Here are a few of the leading causes of stretch marks. 

Growth Spurt

Stretch marks occur when your body quickly grows for some reason. It could be puberty, pregnancy, sudden weight gain, or weight loss. As the name suggests, stretch marks occur when a growth spurt occurs. Your skin couldn’t adapt quickly to the changes, so it stretched itself quite a lot. Pregnancy causes a woman’s belly to bulge suddenly, while puberty causes someone to have a growth spurt, and a sudden weight gain changes the body composition rapidly. All of these stretches the skin uncontrollably. 


Our bodies don’t produce as many chemical compounds needed for cellular rejuvenation, including collagen, when we age. Collagen is your skin’s support structure and is responsible for keeping your skin elastic, but there isn’t as much present in your skin when we age. When there is a lack of elasticity, the skin can easily be stretched, causing stretch marks to appear. 

What Causes Enlarged Pores?

A person’s pores can be different from others, and sometimes, they are either too big, too small, or enough. Pores are the small opening all over your skin, and if you look closely enough, you can easily see these pores. Pores are vital, and they are responsible for releasing sweat and the body’s natural oil, which keeps the skin moisturized. However, since there are so many of them, they are prone to damage. Here are the leading reasons for enlarged pores:


When there is a surplus amount of oil and dead skin, it covers the pores, causing acne to develop. It will also cause the pores to appear enlarges since it is trying to release the oil. 


In some circumstances, it all boils down to a roll of a dice. Unfortunately, sometimes, some people have genetics that causes them to have enlarged pores. You will also notice that their family members also have enlarged pores. 


When you grow older, the skin loses its elasticity thanks to decreased collagen production. It will make your skin sag and appear thinner, and later on, it will also cause enlarged pores. 

Sun Damage

If you frequently experience sun exposure, it may inevitably cause you to develop enlarged pores. Repeatedly exposing yourself to the sun can slowly erode your collagen, elastin, and the moisture on your skin. 

Over time, it will cause the skin to lose its elasticity and become dryer, resulting in the skin shrinking, which pulls the edges of the pores and makes it look bigger. 

Consider Rejuvapen Microneedling

Some causes of stretch marks and enlarged pores are avoidable, but not all. If you want to remove stretch marks and enlarged pores, you may need a cosmetic treatment. One proven treatment that promises to remove stretch marks and enlarged pores permanently is through rejuvapen microneedling. In fact, it’s so effective that the treatment is getting trendier, and there are no signs of stopping it. Rejuvapen microneedling is not just effective against enlarged pores or stretch marks, but it can also work well against acne, trauma scars, and wrinkles, bringing out a better look. 

What Is Rejuvapen Microneedling?

Rejuvapen microneedling is one of the microneedling treatments that promote collagen production to restore your skin’s vibrance and remove other skin conditions. The device used during the procedure resembles a giant pen with needles on its tip. While it is considered non-invasive, some very minute needles will be piercing the skin. Old microneedling procedures utilize rollers with needles around them. However, the recent innovation, rejuvapen, pierce the skin at a steep straight angle, lowering the chances of complications. There are no chemicals or additives for the treatment. Rejuvapen will simply take advantage of your skin’s rejuvenating processes to do its work. 

How Does Rejuvapen Microneedling Work?

Understandably, not many of us are fans of tiny needles piercing our skin. While the treatment requires needles, they are so small that they are barely noticeable when they pierce you. To ensure no pain, your provider will apply some anesthesia in the affected areas. The concept behind the treatment is simple; we create micro-injuries in your skin to prompt the body’s healing processes to start. The micro-injuries don’t cause so much damage, not needing to replace the entire skin, but just enough to reinforce the existing structure. Once the micro-injuries are there, it prompts the body to produce collagen. Collagen is the critical ingredient that is important in restoring vibrance and youthfulness in your skin. It will remove the existing stretch marks and enlarged pores and, at the same time, make you look younger. Rejuvapen microneedling is safe no matter your ethnicity and skin color. 

Our Takeaway

Stretch marks or enlarged pores take a long time before they disappear entirely, even taking several years. If you want a solution to these problems, you should try out Rejuvapen Microneedling. If you are looking for this treatment, reach out to OC Cosmetic and Vein—they offer services that make their clients become proud of themselves due to their beauty. 

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