What Is Restylane?

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Wrinkles are a tragic part of aging but can result from other factors. However, you can slow them from appearing by using the right skincare products and taking care of your skin. But once it’s there, there is no removing them unless you try out Restylane treatment.

Wrinkles are inevitable, but we can delay them by using the right skincare products and developing proper health habits.

There are many manners to prevent wrinkles from forming on your face. You should use sunscreen and moisturize your skin regularly to protect it from UV rays and dryness. Furthermore, you should avoid smoking and drinking alcohol because these things can cause premature skin aging.

Thankfully, you can remove wrinkles, but it depends on the type of wrinkle. Some wrinkles are easy to remove, and some are not.

Some wrinkles plague the skin’s surface, and you can fix them with wrinkle creams. However, the wrinkles entrenched deeply into the skin won’t budge with wrinkle creams. If you seek to solve the ever-so-persistent wrinkles, you should give Restylane a try.

So what is Restylane, how does it work, and how will it benefit you?

What Is Restylane?

Bad habits, lack of skincare habits, and improper diet can hasten the appearance of wrinkles. But how exactly do wrinkles appear?

How Wrinkles Appear

Wrinkles appear when the skin loses elasticity due to the breakdown of essential proteins and fats. It’s a natural part of aging, and that’s because our bodies do not work as efficiently as back when it was in better condition. That’s why keeping the body as healthy as possible is essential.

Once these essential proteins break down, wrinkles appear. However, it’s not just wrinkles that appear, skin sagging, facial skin thinning, and overall skin quality diminishes.

Restylane, A Solution To Your Wrinkle Problems

To help terminate wrinkles and other signs of aging, clinics are now offering Restylane treatment. It’s a dermal filler brand that promises to combat wrinkles and other signs of aging. Restylane will assist the skin by acting as a replacement for the lost essential proteins and fats.

Anywhere on the face, that experiences wrinkles, including cheeks, jawline, around the eyebrows, and forehead can be applied with Restylane. Likewise, if you want to deal with wrinkles on your hands, Restylane can also help fix them.

Restylane is sometimes misunderstood as similar to Botox. In fact, you can see a lot of blogs online comparing the two. While both brands remove wrinkles, their approach is different.

Botox freezes the muscles to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, while Restylane fills up the skin to remove wrinkles. It’s that different, and you can understand it better once you know how it works.

How Does Restylane Work?

Restylane is a dermal filler brand, and dermal fillers are a cosmetic procedure that can effectively restore volume, contour, and shape to the face. Dermal fillers have been around for decades, but they have only recently become popular due to their ability to give people a more youthful appearance without invasive procedures like plastic surgery.

However, Restylane is not just your average dermal filler. This brand is unique thanks to its formula that contains hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for stimulating collagen production.

Taking Advantage Of Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a biological substance that is found in the human body. It has a variety of functions, such as lubricating joints and tissues, providing cushioning, and maintaining skin elasticity and firmness. But due to aging, hyaluronic acid production decreases in our bodies, leading to reduced collagen production.

Collagen is a protein that is commonly found in the skin and other tissues. It is responsible for the elasticity and firmness of the skin, maintaining its youthful appearance. It’s essentially the skin’s support structure.

Since hyaluronic acid has decreased, collagen will also decrease, resulting in the skin losing its support structure. That’s why most cosmetic products have hyaluronic acid as part of their formula to keep your face young and vibrant.

How Long Will It Last?

We will inject hyaluronic acid into the skin layers that produce collagen. It can effectively deliver the treatment directly instead of applying it to the skin’s surface, which isn’t as effective. However, the hyaluronic acid supply won’t last forever; the extra hyaluronic acid will eventually dwindle.

The effects of Restylane last around six to nine months. It may not seem much, but that is actually a pretty long time compared to other dermal fillers. So if you want to extend the effects, you will have to try out the treatment again.

What Happens During The Procedure?

Restylane is a natural and non-invasive procedure to practically restore your skin’s youthful glow and texture. And all it takes are simple injections, nothing complicated at all.

Where Does The Treatment Occur?

The treatment happens in your provider’s clinic. It’s an in-and-out procedure, and you won’t have to stay in for the night. Once the procedure is through, you can walk out of the office without feeling weak or discomfort at all.

You may return to your daily routine as soon as the procedure is over. While there are no specific requirements on what to do and what not to do, consider following your provider’s advice to ensure that the treatment lasts as long as possible.

How Long Does It Take?

You can easily set an appointment during your lunch break since the procedure only takes around 15 to 30 minutes. However, you must consult your provider days ahead to know the best approach for your specific case. You might actually need more time than that, depending on the case to case.

The Procedure Itself

The idea of someone applying several injections into your face sounds scary. But rest assured, as long they are licensed professionals and their reviews are high, there shouldn’t be any problems. Likewise, they will apply some anesthesia to ensure it’s painless and you feel comfortable.

They will then start injecting the formula into the skin, addressing concerns wherever wrinkles and other signs of aging exist.


If you are having trouble with your wrinkles, then Restylane is the ideal solution for you. Check this treatment right now by getting in touch with OC Cosmetic and Vein. This clinic ensures that they effectively address your wrinkle problems and ensure you are comfortable throughout the treatment.

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